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Lemon Oil Control Moisturizer

Lemon Oil Control Moisturizer


This is your oil and moisture balancing moisturizer for oily to acne prone skin, helps hydrate the skin without congesting or clogging pores, with antiseptic properties like sage, red clover, basil, peppermint and lemon, while salicylic acid helps kill bacterias that causes breakouts, aiding in exfoliating skin renewal, added provitamin B5 for maximum hydration, added antioxidant effect of Coenzyme Q10 which helps repair free radical damages and many more high performance ingredients to help keep skin healthy and balanced.  

  • Ingredients

    Aqua (purified water), cetostearyl alcohol, ethoylated sorbitol ester, coconut oil, soybean oil, salicylic acid, lemon juice, sage leaf extract, red clover extract, neem seed extract, basil extract, peppermint extract, honey, benzoyl peroxide, potasium sorbate, Vitamin B5, Vitamint B6, coenzyme Q10, Vitamin C ester, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B13, Vitamin E, Raddish Root. 

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