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Giving Back 

The Faith Project 

Our Vision


     Naava SkinTherapy LLC is committed to giving back, empowering and inspiring others, our mission is to spread awareness of  foundations for rare diseases.  There are several illnesses out there in much need of awareness and fundraising, and this is where we work on making an impact through the products sold, giving a percentage of the proceeds to various foundations, quarterly will be dedicated to a feature foundation.


   Below are the Foundations we will support, quarterly we will alternate to help raise funds as well as spread the word, each order will include a brochure with valuble information on the highlight foundation of the month we are supporting,  information of the chronic illness, it's symptoms, the foundation's website and  a special thank you for being part of this important movement.   We thank you for supporting Naava and our mission to give back, as you, our valuble customers are making an impact in each of your purchase, everytime you wear a Naava product people everywhere will know you are making a difference.  


Foundations we support:


~Skin Cancer





As well as every year in October we offer our suppport to Breast Cancer awareness month, donating a percentage of sales to the foundation 

















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