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      Cynthia Andrade is a licensed esthetician with specialization in anti-stress therapy and holistic skin care therapy.  She studied esthetics and was trained in advanced master esthetics, taking her career to another level she traveled to Japan where her skin care studio was located on the Air Force Base in Tokyo. Established for 3 years, she gained a successful business in skin care and wellness, offering not only to military but to natives as well.

         Cynthia is CEO & Founder and Chief Formulator of her own signature cutting edge skin care line with handcrafted cosmetics, the brand has evolved from a luxury brand to a therapy & wellness brand, specializing in skin irritation relief, acne and other skin issues.  She has also partnered with a lab in Boulder, Colorado where she collaborates with a team of chemist and do all the lab testings and quality control.    Naava Skin Therapy is a company that offers private label, wholesale & retail, currently doing business in over 14 states and internationally.  Cynthia formulates and manufactures most of the products in her home office and lab, and mass productions are manufactured in the Boulder, CO main lab.  


          Today Cynthia operates her studio in Elgin, SC, offering customized and signature facials, organic facials, aromatherapy and more.  Naava Skin studio practices strict sanitation with state of the art sterilization equipment and process to offer safe and clean service to all customers.  



Meet Cynthia 
Founder & Master Esthetician 

"As a business owner and professional, I believe in the act of giving back, the act of humanity, empowerment and sharing your blessings with  others, that's what success is all about." ~Cynthia Andrade 

Our Open House Spa Party 

Meet NAAVA Team

Founder & CEO 


Cynthia Andrade

Founder & CEO 

Chief Formulator

Cynthia is Founder and Chief Formulator of Naava products, Master Esthetician and holistic skincare educator, Cynthia is also President and Founder of The Esthetic Business Consulting, helping other skincare professionals grow their business with education on techniques, marketing and development.  

Founder & CEO 

woman 2

Tanya Lawrence

Sales Development Manager 

Tanya is responsible for sales prospecting and moving them to our sales team, she oversees our sales development team and executes goals 

Founder & CEO 


Tracey Benton

Sales Manager

Tracey manages our sales team and overseas the schedules and territories and performance of sales reps, she collaborates to develop sales quota and strategies. 

Executive Assistant & Quality Control Manager


Taylor Padden

Personal Assistant & Customer Service Manager

Taylor is Cynthia's Personal Assistant, helps with Customer Service management, marketing, website and blog 

Research & Development 



Research & Development 

Martin has a degree in chemistry and works on our research, product development and lab testing from our Lab in Colorado.  

Production & Sales Manager



Credit Manager & Accounts Receivable

Carla works with credit granting, evaluation

process and invoicing 

Production & Sales Manager


Alexis Maddie 

Account Representative 

Alexis works with Private label accounts, initiates sales process, updates on new products and records all transactions 

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