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All treatments are with a combination of professional skincare from Spain and Israel, onmacabin & Sesderma as well as made in the USA Naava Signature Pro  

A Message from Cynthia 


        After taking my journeys to Japan in 2010, operating a successful skin care clinic in the military Air Force Base, I not only had the privilege of servicing military spouses and active duty but also native Japanese as well, as I received multiple compliments for such a relaxing and soothing ambiance and treatments, the feeling of being in another world as they walked in my therapy room, they would disconnect and transport to a piece of Japan in a small room on the base.   


With continuous education, enduring tenacity and patiently developing a signature system for my skin care studio, I aspire to deliver an experience that will take your breath away.  


Thank you for taking the time to read my introductory letter, feel free to contact me for all of your skin care needs.  



Best Wishes, 


Cynthia Andrade

Founder of NAAVA Skincare LLC 

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