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A Message From The Founder 

                     As the world is adjusting to the new normal, here at Naava Team, we are working on new ways to practice safe production and distribution, each member of our team are working from home, as our packaging, labeling and shipping are now operated directly from our Lab under strict safety and sanitation measures.  We are continuing to operate at our home office, shipping smaller orders, but all bulk orders for private label as well as wholesales are distributed through our lab from Denver, Colorado.  All of our operations at our Lab and home office are operating under strict sanitation process, sanitizing our clothes and shoes with sanitizing spray as we walk in our productions space, and using disposable shoe covers, hair covers, gloves and mask, as well as lab coats that are sanitized daily.   We have an outstanding team that works hard to ensure quality.  We have Caroline, her position is to help with fulfillment and shipping of small orders,  Taylor, Executive Assistant & Quality Control Manager,  Sheryl, is our business to business customer service rep, Samantha works as retail customer Service rep manager, my position as owner is continuing to produce small batches, and constant conference calling with Naava team and daily conference call meetings with our Lab team to ensure we are on schedule and working on future development.  

                     Due to the pandemic situation we are experiencing delays in ingredient supply chains, as well as delays in shipping to New York and California.  We are now mass producing sanitizers, hand soaps and lotions but are experiencing delays in packaging from our suppliers, so orders may take extra weeks to process and ship.  For any special request, questions or changes on your shipments, please contact Taylor at

                     As we continue to strive to fill the high demands of sanitizers, our company will donate 10% of all sales to our first response community, we are currently producing 55 gallons of sanitizers to donate to our local hospitals and other essential workers, due to this we may experience some extra delays on orders, we do appreciate your understanding during this difficult time as we try to fill the need in our community while we also try to keep our key accounts on schedule.  We are in this together, and together we will help our businesses flow as smoothly as possible, and we thank you for supporting our company as well as we will continue to support our valued clients.  



With Warm Regards, 


Cynthia Andrade 

CEO & Founder 

Naava Skincare  

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